Honeycomb Carbon Filter

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Introduction 簡介

Engineered Solution - Customized for specific applications

The issue of odor and harmful pollutant gas are occurred in surroundings such as market, toilet, garbage collection, decoration and cooking fume, etc. the more time people ignore how to solve. There is a widely held perception in many parts of the world today that indoor air quality and health are in decline.

In order to solve the issues, PhotoTroph Honeycomb Carbon Deodorize Filter is a significant solution. It is provided with high adsorptive capacity (High One Pass Removal Efficiency), large surface area, kinetics and ultra-low pressure drop. Adopt the macromolecule material make the good active carbon powder adhere to the honeycomb base ceramic material, which having the characteristics of good ventilation and low pressure drop, and it can be processed then become the antisepsis and deodorization product. Basically, PhotoTroph Honeycomb Carbon Deodorize Filter is effective to purifier almost kinds of IAQ concerned common odor (eg. methyl mercaptan and trimethylamine, etc) and harmful pollutant gas (eg. TVOC, HCHO, NH3, H2S and SO2, etc). It’s widely used in the air conditioner, air purifier and HVAC system such as AHU, PAU, Fan Coil Unit, SAD, RAD, EAD and FAD, etc.

Hong Kong Productivity Council 香港生產力促進局

Test for One Pass Odor Removal Efficiency
• Food Garbage Smell: 97.8%
• Decoration Smell: 97.6%
• Cooking Fume Smell: 97.8%


• Internal area purification: FAN Coil, RAD and SAD
• Prevent exhaust to outdoor: EAD
• Prevent outside polluted air go into indoor: FAD

Features 特點
• Extremely Low Pressure Drop
• High Purification Efficiency
• Solution to Odor and Chemical
• Long service lifetime
• Customized for specific application
• Testing report and excellent feedback
• Lower the operating cost
• Easy maintenance


Specifications 產品規格

Specifications for PhotoTroph, please read PhotoTroph leaflet
有關 PhotoTroph 的產品規格及使用建議等,歡迎聯絡我們及參閱 PhotoTroph 小冊子

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