Photoplasma Treatment Probe (HVAC)

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Introduction 簡介

innoclean PTU 系列已列入食環署的符合用於餐飲業務指定規格的空氣淨化設備名冊
本產品適用於安裝在中央系統、風喉、風櫃、 AHU 及 PAU 等,更靈活、不需要佔用地面空間及影響現有室內設計, 歡迎餐飲業的朋友聯絡我們了解最適合您的優化方安案

How does the “innoclean PhotoClean” PTU work?

We are continually exposed to a growing number of health threatening pollutants that can be categorized into three groups: biological contaminants, toxic gases, and particulates. To deal with these hazards, PhotoClean units combine powerful purification methods:
• Ultraviolet Germicidal irradiation (UVGI) occurs when ambient air flows through out killing chamber and passes by our special ultraviolet lamp where it is exposed to intense levels of ultraviolet light that aides in the destruction of organic unfriendly particles.
• Powerful light wavelengths are generated that energize the gaseous contents of the passing air producing a purifying plasma that destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi, VOC’s, and other organics as well as neutralizing unpleasant odors.
• Particulates such as dust and smoke are bombarded by photoelectrons to remove them from the air.

Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO)

PCO is an advanced process by which volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), bacteria, mold and fungus are destroyed by incorporating photon and ultraviolet (UV) energy activating a catalyst (TiO2) creating photo catalytic oxidation. PCO is produced by the air being exposed to photon light and passing through a catalyst comprised of specific Nano sized mineral compounds. After the air’s exposure to the lamp’s energy in the PCO chamber, three specific free radicals are released which destroy the bio-aerosols (bacteria, molds, and fungus). During the process, hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyl radicals, and hydroxides are released back into the area where they attach themselves to specific organisms and kill them.

Features 特點
• Unit mounted inside air duct, fan coil return and AHU
• Highly effective in removing VOC’s, odor, dust particles, bacteria and virus from passing air and inside air duct and AHU
• Employs the most advanced nanotechnology to coat TiO2 on patented metallic surface (Grade 304 stainless) and UV lamp for outstanding (PCO) performance
• No affect the pressure drop in existing HVAC system
• Free of maintenance and washable design. Grade 304 stainless housing and PCO Probe, excellent durability
• Long services life time and low operation cost

innoclean PTU
innoclean PTU

Specifications 產品規格

PhotoClean PTU is sized according to the application which is based on duct size, air velocity, temperature, humidity, dosage request and the pollutant level. PhotoClean PTU can size the application in order to achieve 99.9% destruction at one time. If you have an application that requires our help in specifying a PhotoClean solution, just give us a call, or calculate DIY with our “PhotoClean – PTU Sizing Table” or “PhotoClean – PTU fast sizing guide.

Specifications for innoclean PTU 102E / F / G, please read innoclean PTU leaflet
有關 innoclean PTU 的產品規格及使用建議等,歡迎聯絡我們及參閱 innoclean PTU 小冊子

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