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Introduction 簡介

100% 意大利製造 Made in Italy
Certified Medical Device Class 1 榮獲歐洲認可一級醫療設備
意大利製造的 JONIX mate & minimate 已列入食環署的符合用於餐飲業務指定規格的空氣淨化設備名冊

Mobile Medical Device for indoor air purification and decontamination:
JONIX™ minimate & mate is a unit of mobile filtration and sanitization, with a cold plasma technology and it represents the ideal solution for purifying and decontaminating air in environments at risk such as hospitals, clean rooms, medical consulting rooms, labs and any other environments in which it is necessary to constantly eliminate air biological contaminations. It is immediately operational after installation, requiring no further operations. The advanced control system adjusts ventilation and the generation of cold plasma necessary to sanitize and purify air. It is designed for quick and convenient maintenance as all its components can be accessed from the rear. The sanitizing cabinet can be equipped with a system of sliding grids that enables to connect an external air intake for the installation in environments requiring overpressure. Compact, agile and quiet, the JONIX™ minimate & mate quickly and effectively meets the requirements of reducing bacterial and particulate load.

JONIX™ uses the advanced oxidation process to decontaminate air induced by a NON-THERMIC PLASMA JONIX™ minimate & mate air sanitization devices with NTP (Non-Thermal Plasma) are used to sanitize and decontaminate both air and surfaces.

With the word plasma we mean a blend of ionized gases composed by a large quantity of energized particles, such as ions and electrons, free radicals, ROS, molecules as well as neutral atoms. The ionization of an atom occurs when an electron acquires enough energy to overcome the attractive forces of the atom nucleus. When this result is obtained with processes generating plasma in which the temperature of the ions and neutral atoms is significantly lower than the temperature of electrons, we are talking about cold plasma and Non-Thermal Plasma (NTP).

The cold plasma is emitting light with wavelengths in both the visible part and the spectrum ultraviolet part. Beside the emission of UV radiations, an important feature of the low temperature plasma is the presence of strongly reactive high-energy electrons that generate a number of chemical and physical processes such as oxidation, over-energizing of atoms and molecules, the production of free radicals and other reactive particles. Plasma can be artificially generated supplying a gas with a sufficiently high energy, that means giving gas energy so as to reorganize the electronic structure of the species (atoms, molecules) and produce over-energized species and ions. One of the most common ways of artificially creating and maintaining plasma is through a gas electric discharge. NTP JONIX™ technology makes use of the so called non-thermic discharges with a dielectric barrier method. The potentialities of ionization and the density of charged species generated from the plasma with electrical barrier discharge (DBD) are higher compared to the ones present in the non-thermic plasma generated by other systems.

Ecological and compatible in case of people’s presence
No chemical products and zero environmental impact. It makes it possible to reduce volumes of air treated by central plants reducing energy costs of conditioning.

The bio acid and neutralization activity of polluting substances occurs in a maximum of 60 minutes since switching on. The continuous functioning of the device blocks the spreading of bio hazardous agents generated on a continuous basis during production. The oxidation of microorganisms occurs for the oxidation process of the membrane cell. Reactive particles carrying electric charges, among which the most important ones are the oxygen reactive species (for example atomic oxygen and ozone), which concentrate on the membrane surface causing its destruction. The device is efficient on: gram + and –, bacteria, yeast and mold, virus, bacterial endotoxins, VOC (volatile organic compound), odors.

JONIX™ MiniMate and MATE removes chemical and organic odors, reactive particles break chemical bonds of odorous substances which then decompose.

Application sectors and operating cycles
This device can be used in medical, food processing, packaging and preservation environments. The device functioning can be operated on a continuous basis or in cycles based on specific needs. Contaminated environment decontamination cycle vol. 800 mc 120 minutes. Contaminated environment decontamination cycle vol. 150 mc 60 minutes. Contaminated environment decontamination cycle vol. 50 mc 30 minutes. Sanitization continuous cycle set the air flow 20 times higher to the environment volume.

The Jonix Mate is a class I medical device
European Directives 93/42/EEC, 2006/42/EEC, 2006/95/EEC, 2007/108/EEC
CND Z12159099 Registration number 1329272

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Specifications 產品規格

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