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Introduction 簡介

Fast and Efficiency to remove strong odor by “innoScrubber”

When you need to remove heavy strong bad odor e.g. sewage water odor, cigarette odor or decoration material odor etc… in a short period of time. “innoScrubber” may be as the best choice for you. The portable design let you can bring to anywhere by one hand in a short time, you can use it to destroy different odor molecule, innoScrubber also will kill airborn bacteria and virus in air by its technology.

• Easy to use - Everyone can easy to operate the machine. Just plug in the power socket and press the On/Off button, innoScrubber will start to operate or stop.

• Operation time for odor remove purpose - Depends on different environment and pollutant level, the following can provide you for reference:
  - Hotel Room: 10 – 20 minutes
  - Smoking Room (100ft.2 ›): 5 – 10 minutes
  - Garbage Room (100ft.2 ›): 5 – 20 minutes
  - Sewage Room (100ft.2 ›): 15 – 30 minutes
  - Note: The above conditions is assume there should be no additional pollutant continuous come out in the area

• Rigid and Reliable machine - Constructed by G.I metal with Epoxy paint, it make innoScrubber become more rigid and reliable for long time use.

innoclean iS1001
innoclean iS1001

Specifications 產品規格

Brand 品牌 innoclean
Model 型號 innoScrubber iS1001
Service area 使用面積 Up to 2,000 ft2
Weight 重量 3.8 kg
Dimension 尺寸 520 x 180 x 140mm
Body 機身 Metal (Al.)
Indication Lamp 指示燈 Yes
UV Lamp 紫外光燈 2 x UVC with UVV Lamp
Power Core 電源線 3 meters
PCO Filter PCO 過濾網 Yes
Lamp Life紫外光燈壽命 ‹ 25,000 hours (few years)式
Place of production 生產地 China 中國

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