Portable innoScrubber

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Introduction 簡介

Multi-purpose solution - Remove bad odor and chemical; kill bacteria and virus
一機多用 輕鬆處理異味、化學物質及殺菌

The issue of odor, harmful pollutant gas, chemical (such as TVOC, formaldehyde and benzene, etc.) and bacteria are commonly occurred in surroundings including decoration, garbage collection, hotel room, smoking, gym room, car and warehouse, etc. This odor is quite annoying. Chemical and bacteria are harmful our health. innoclean innoScrubber iS1003 and iS1004 are significant solution. It produces a large number of ozone with strong oxidation and catalysis, the effective removal of odor, kill bacteria, mold, disinfection and removal of chemicals and other pollutants, etc.

Features 特點
• Easy to use
• Rigid and Reliable machine
• Super Silent
• Odor Neutralization
• Sterilization
• VOC control

innoclean innoscrubber IS1003 & IS1004
innoclean innoscrubber IS1003A & IS1004A

Specifications 產品規格

Brand 品牌 innoclean
Model 型號 iS1003 iS1003A iS1004 iS1004A
Service area 使用面積 1,000 - 3,000 Ft2 1,000 - 5,000 Ft2
Control 控制 Button Controller 扭制
Timer Setting 時間設定 10 – 120min
Weight 重量 3.5kg 3kg 5.5kg 3.5kg
Dimension 尺寸 230L x 185H x 180W (mm) 270L x 180H x 180W (mm) 420L x 175H x 235W (mm) 270L x 180H x 180W (mm)
Rated power 功率 /
Ozone output 臭氧量
90W / 3 g/h 240W / 10 g/h 150W / 10 g/h
Color 顏色 Silver 銀色 Yellow 黃色 Silver 銀色 Yellow 黃色
Body 機身 304 Stainless Steel housing Steel housing 304 Stainless Steel housing Steel housing
Placement 放置方式 Portable 便攜式
Place of production
China 中國

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