Fresh Air Treatment Unit (FATU)

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Introduction 簡介


#鮮風及淨化系統適合餐廳, 店舖, 商店, 工商廈及安老院舍使用,有效改善空氣循環、換氣次數 (ACH) 及引入新鮮空氣讓室內空氣流通, 更可以過濾室外/戶外污染物, 內置紫外光燈 UV-C 殺死細菌病毒, HEPA 過濾網過濾室外污染空氣進入室內。


Why choose fresh air treatment unit (FATU)?

Many colleagues complain it's airless here or office is very stuffy. They always feel tired and quite difficulty breathing. After lunch, food smell filled indoors. Poor indoor air quality can negatively affect productivity, employees’ health and longevity. Ventilation (/ air circulation) and insufficient fresh air are critical issues. Poor air circulation and insufficient fresh air may cause the high level of CO2 and accumulated air pollutants in office - “Eliminate Dead Air Zone”. However, some commercial buildings are not allowed to open the window such as glass curtain wall. Natural ventilation is impossible. Installing innolcean OceanClean fresh air treatment unit (FATU) is effective to introduce fresh air, improve indoor air circulation and avoid the accumulation of pollutants indoors.

innoclean OceanClean fresh air treatment unit (FATU) series (Fresh600 / Odor600 / Fresh300 / Fresh300 Plus / Odor300 / Odor300 Plus) are not only introduce fresh air. It is equipped complete air purification process to remove fine dust particle, bacteria, pollen, odor and bad smell, etc. These process avoids outdoor air pollutants to enter indoors. In fact, production, restaurants, garbage, industry and recycling, etc. cause heavily odor and chemical pollutant. These pollutants should not directly exhaust air to outside as it will damage outdoor environment or affect neighboring. Deal with these issues, installing OceanClean Odor600 purify polluted air. After filtering the polluted air, it is exhausted air to outside. For more flexible, OceanClean fresh air treatment unit (FATU) series (Fresh600 / Odor600 / Fresh300 / Fresh300 Plus / Odor300 / Odor300 Plus) are available for ceiling or with movable trolley.




在考慮增設鮮風機時,需要評估及考慮安裝的限制、增設鮮風機後的昂貴電費開支、如何選擇適合的鮮風機、換氣次數 (Air change per hour, ACH) 及維護等問題。同時,傳統的鮮風機有效從室外引入新鮮空氣 (Fresh air) 到室內,有助增加空氣循環、換氣次數 (ACH) 及降低 CO2,但是缺乏了空氣過濾或淨化的功能,在引入鮮風的同時將室外的污染物如細菌病毒、灰塵及氣味等也一併傳入室內,造成室內空氣污染。


內置 HEPA 過濾網、UV-C 紫外光燈及等離子 (選配: 蜂巢式活性炭過濾網) 的 innoclean OceanClean Fresh300, Odor300, Fresh600 及 Odor600 鮮風空氣淨化器系列有效引入及淨化室外的新鮮空氣到室內,提高室內的空氣循環、換氣次數 (ACH) 、過濾空氣中的微粒 (如灰塵、花粉及致敏源)、殺死細菌病毒及釋放等離子到室內環境,有效殺菌、分解氣味及化學物質。

Features 特點
• Introducing fresh air and outdoor air change (ACH)
• Improve indoor air re-circulation
• Avoid the accumulation of pollutants indoors such as CO2 and Radon etc
• Increase indoor oxygen content & reduce CO2
• High Purification Efficiency
• Internal continuously air purification
• Increase the positive pressure in room to prevent air pollutant entry room from outside
• Purifying air from outdoor to indoor
• Testing report and excellent feedback
• Lower the operating cost
• Easy installation and maintenance
• Easy to connect with air duct to create positive or negative pressure

HEPA filter
HEPA filter

Specifications 產品規格

Specifications for innoclean OceanClean Fresh Air Treatment Unit (FATU) Series, please read below series leaflet
有關 innoclean innoclean OceanClean 鮮風空氣淨化器系列的產品規格及使用建議等,歡迎聯絡我們及參閱以下小冊子

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