Extruded Ceramic Filter (HVAC)

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Introduction 簡介

What is PCO?

Titanium Dioxide has to be coated on a carrier before it can be used in the ventilation system. Choosing the right carrier for TiO2 is a critical task in developing a world's class Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) system. Many PCO systems are still using perforated metal sheet as their carrier but they all have very small contact area. Phototroph uses a three dimensional extruded ceramic filter as the carrier.
We use the progressive thermal dip-coating method to bind our TiO2 sol-gel and the ceramic filter. An anatase Titanium Dioxide layer forms evenly on the ceramic filter surface under a temperature of 500°C. This coated ceramic filter is washable and maintenance friendly that has excellent adsorption, decomposition and sterilization properties.

Features 特點
• Prevent airborne pathogens
• Keep away the VOC and odorous gases
• Excellent adsorption, decomposition and sterilization properties
• Extremely Low Pressure
• Suitable for using in the HVAC system
• Large surface area


Specifications 產品規格

• Nominal Size: 595mm x 295mm x 22mm, 595mm x 595mm x 22mm
• Nominal Surface Velocity: 2.5m/s
• Resistance: 40 Pa (at 2.5m/s)
• Ceramic Filter Pore Density: 200 cells per square inch
• Ceramic Filter Porosity: >50%
• Acetaldehyde Removal Rate according to JIS R1701 Part 2: 360umol/m2/hour
• Installation: AHU, VAV box and Fan coil

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